Your Guests' Photos:
Gathered, Printed, and Packaged

Capstory helps clients collect their photos from guests. Our Editing Team then retouches the photos and creates a photo album full of high-quality shots. Our Customer Service Team then prints all your photos and sends you every single one, in 4x4 prints and on a USB of the originals.

Capstory provides an easy manner of collecting your guests' images so that you receive as many different perspectives as possible.

This is your story. We will help you preserve the journey forever.

  • Your Capstory Webpage

    Every client receives their very own webpage to host and share photos. This is where all of the guest photos and your own are organized.

    You can easily download all the photos.

    Royal Treatment

    We offer an unrivaled level of customer service.

    Capstory is for brides who want to preserve their wedding memories but don't have endless hours with which to gather photos.

    Engaging Receptions

    The photos in your webpage can be streamed live at your reception. As guests submit photos, they appear instantly in the live slideshow.

    It's like magic!


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High-Quality Prints

We take all of the photos that have been submitted to your webpage, edit them with a little touch of creativity and make prints for you. Every single photo on the webpage belongs to you.

We believe that you should get everything. So, we also send you a USB key with all of the originals.

Beautiful Albums

Once your guests have had time to upload photos from their digital cameras and any remaining photos on their phones, the Capstory professionals start putting together your photo book. We make sure to retouch these photos so every picture shines as bright as the memory it captured!

  • Photobooks



The Duboses

We were very fortunate to receive Capstory as a wedding gift from our dear friend and wedding planner. It has been absolutely wonderful to have a central location to look at the memories of our special weekend! The feedback has all been positive from our family and friends as well! We will gladly recommend Capstory to our loved ones who are planning a wedding!


The Renauds

Our guests couldn't get enough of Capstory at our wedding. The live photo stream really helped pull the whole event together, and the photobook is full of great memories that we wouldn't have captured otherwise!


The Gibbses

It came, the flash drive came! I am sitting here, crying tears of JOY.

The video was awesome, pictures, music, packaging and the look and feel of the flash drive...Beautiful just like our wedding. I feel so Blessed and Thankful! Your team of photo editors did an outstanding job.

What do I, we need to do to continue to promote CapStory…it’s the best! So are you, patient and supportive.


The Wiesners

Once at the reception venue on our wedding night our families REALLY got into the Cap Story process and loved seeing their posted pictures scrolling on the all the TV screens. Our friends brought a Selfie Stick and the photos from that are hilarious! Sadly, one of my Aunts who lives in Alabama was not able to come in for the wedding. Her and her husband took a selfie holding a note reading “Congrats!” and sent it in to the CapStory link. Moments later Aunt Janet’s face was up on the screens … Such a special moment!

I can’t say enough great things about our CapStory experience. If you are looking for a fun, interactive and memorable deviation away from the Photo Booth route, look no further!

The Capstory Experience

Every package includes the following:

1. Livestream Slideshow
2. Remote Moderation
3. Custom Instruction Cards
4. Priority Support

'That is why Capstory is such a great tool to use for your wedding day.'

Desiree Hartsock, ABC's The Bachelorette

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How It Works


Photo Collection

The Capstory uploading tools make it simple for the couple to get access to all of the photos and videos captured throughout their wedding journey.

The easiest way to add content is by text-messaging. Every personal webpage is assigned a unique address. The bride, groom, friends and family can instantly share the memories from their mobile devices by sending them in via text-message.

Live Stream at Your Events

Capstory technology works instantly, allowing the photos to be live streamed from the capsule at the reception (don't worry, our professionals keep a close-eye on the photos to make sure nothing inappropriate shows up).

The live stream is normally quite a hit at events. A projector connected to a computer with an internet connection, via WiFi, 4G Hotspot or LAN, allows venues to show photos appearing in the capsule as soon as they are submitted. Hence, guests get the gratification of instant feedback.

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No App Needed

We offer a truly unique array of options for submitting photos without the need to download an app.
One less thing for people to worry about.


A Webpage for Every Bride

Photos and Videos in One Location

Everyone's photos, videos, and stories, in one shared location online. The webpage is your 'photo booth in the cloud'. It is the storage capsule for every memory collected, from every candid perspective. In these moments, one lens is not enough. Capture the entire crowd's authentic experience, in one shared location.

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Accessible Everywhere

The capsule can be accessed anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. With mobile and tablet friendly sites, view the capsule from phone, tablet, and computer all at the same time. The capsule is constantly being updated live as new media is submitted, so even guests that weren't able to make it to the wedding can follow along in the special moment!

Professional Help

Capstory's team of professionals handles the (oftentimes) cumbersome process of reaching out to guests after an event, prompting them to share photos and videos they collected. With automated emails to the guest list and reminder text-messages, we ensure no moment is lost.

Active, Remote Moderation During a Live Event

During the reception, our professionals moderate the photo stream, based on client discretion, to ensure nothing inappropriate shows up on the big screen! No need to worry when the groomsmen have too much fun with the open bar... Our team handles this process remotely as to not introduce any additional strangers or clutter to the reception environment.

Social Media Integration

If a client or guests decide to use a Twitter or Instagram hashtag for any part of the event, let us know and we'll be sure to automatically integrate these memories into the website too.